How to prepare your rental property for spring maintenance

Revitalize Your Rental Property: 8 Tips to Prepare for Spring

As the winter chill begins to fade, it’s the perfect time to revitalize your rental property and prepare it for the vibrant season ahead. Here are 8 essential tips to ensure your property is in top shape for spring:


1. Central Air Tune-Ups


Start by scheduling a professional tune-up for your central air system. Ensure it’s ready to keep your home cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise.


2. Spring Lawn Clean-Up


Give your lawn a fresh start by clearing away debris, leaves, and any remnants of winter. Rake and aerate to promote healthy grass growth.


3. Landscaping Overhaul


Consider taking your property’s curb appeal to the next level with a landscaping overhaul. Plant new flowers, trim bushes, and add mulch for a vibrant and inviting look.


4. Plan for Exterior Painting


Inspect the exterior of your property for any signs of peeling or chipped paint. Plan for a fresh coat of paint to protect and enhance your home’s appearance.


5. Address Larger Exterior Items


Inspect and address larger exterior components such as porches, roofs, and siding. Inspect your sidewalks for any cracks or damage as well. Identify any areas that need attention and schedule necessary repairs or replacements.


6. Fix Grading to Prevent Basement Water Issues


Ensure proper grading around your property to prevent water from seeping into basements. Redirect water away from the foundation to avoid potential water damage.


7. Clean Gutters and Confirm Downspout Placement


Clear out gutters and downspouts from debris accumulated during the winter months.  Ensure that downspouts direct water away from your foundation and into proper drainage areas. This is crucial to prevent water damage to your property.


8. Spring Clean Basements


Take the opportunity to declutter your basement. Dispose of items you no longer need, organize storage spaces, and create a clean and functional area. Also, check out our blog on how tenants can get their security deposits back in full.


By following these 8 tips, you’ll be well on your way to a property that’s ready to embrace the beauty of spring and prepared to withstand the changing seasons ahead. Happy spring cleaning!

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